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This is a rolling list of local restaurants and bars that are open for business and ready to take your pickup or takeout orders! We will continue to add to this as we connect with more businesses. If you have any corrections or updates, please let us know at Please, remember to:

  • Tip your delivery driver or counter person generously. They are on the front line during this time, providing a sense of normalcy while serving as the hands that feed us.
  • Where possible, stay off the apps (some businesses are currently dependent on delivery from the apps; we have noted where that is the case.) Call in your order or place your order through the business’ own app or website ordering system, if they have one. The big Apps take up to 40% commission on restaurant orders, and while some of them have agreed to ‘defer’ fees, this only means our businesses will be hit with a huge bill down the road. The gig workers that work with the Apps are not paid an hourly wage, nor do they benefit from the fees charged to the restaurant or consumer. We are working with restaurants who are experiencing increased delivery demand to identify where jobs might be available for gig workers to transition into working for a dedicated restaurant. Look at this as an opportunity to begin bringing jobs and revenue back into our hyper-local Astoria economy! 

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